7—Business Consulting

At their core, successful corporations are a collection of people – human beings with lived lives and different experiences – agreeing to collaborate and pool their talents in the service of common goals.  

Understanding your employees and learning how to maximize their efforts, tapping into the specific gifts of the individuals on your team (as well as their unique needs and challenges), can mean the difference between success and failure. 

How can your team work together to bring its fullest vision to life?

Given the unique DNA of your business, and the specific needs and personalities of the people that created it, who would be good strategic partners for you?  How can we identify potentially problematic relationships or personalities?  Where might conflicts arise?  And how do you successfully either avoid or solve those conflicts?

Just as in my individual work, my consulting work helps businesses identify and clarify their goals, as well as identify and clarify the obstacles in the way of your team achieving those goals – creating a strategy for “business self-actualization.” 

Business is people.  

People are human.  

Understanding them matters.