Treasons, Betrayals and the Prison of Grievances

What wounds are you carrying today? What treasons… what betrayals… have taken hold of your life – hijacking your happiness?

And what would it feel like to let them go?‬

In my work, and in my life, I think sometimes about the grievances I have experienced – and then held on to – and nurtured… and I see how often they allowed me to play small, to stay stuck… so I didn’t have to risk being all I might be.

And possibly failing.

Or possibly soaring.

The prison of my grievances becoming, as Erich Fromm said, an escape from freedom.

What pain, instead of healing, are you nurturing?

What wounds that used to hurt you – now define you? Imprison you?

How might it feel to – not necessarily forgive – but – make peace with them? The shame… the anger… the “what they did”… the “what you did”…?

How might it feel to be free?

Perhaps lonely?

Or scary?

Or impossible?

Maybe joyful?

Or hopeful?

Or lighter?

And – it may not be time yet…

You may not be ready… and that’s okay.

But… maybe you are.

Today – with me – now.



Finally ready.

To breathe again.

To be free.



Ready to unfold.

Ready to rise up.

And be what you were born to be.

What is your grievance? Name it.

Right now.

Say it.

Look at it.

With courage.

And, just for a moment, ask yourself what your life might be like, if you said…



I am. You are. We are. Mighty.