Hope Is A Verb

When you feel hopeless – create hope.

Create it.

Hope is not something you passively wait to be bestowed on you.

You conceive it.
You give it life.
You nurture it – and set it free.

Hope is an agent of change.

Hope – is a verb – calling on you to become active in your own despair.

Push back against the darkness that wants you to believe that darkness is all there is.

Remember that with the devastation of crucifixion, in all its forms today, comes the possibility of resurrection.

But you have to participate in it.

Do something.

Do it differently.


Mindfully and purposefully.

Do something.

Do it differently.

Right now.

Start with a place you know – a place where you have control and influence and power.

Start with you.

Choose to change a behavior.
Choose to reject a negative or bigoted belief.
Choose to reject the falsehood that violence and hatred are inevitable and unstoppable.
Choose to acknowledge the injustices you see around you – name them.
Choose to speak up and speak out… to someone, to anyone.
Choose to engage in a kindness… to someone, to anyone.
Choose to see the kindnesses extended to you.
Choose to find a way to support organizations that are searching for positive solutions.

Do something.

And take heart knowing that you – right here – right now – in your own corner of the universe – YOU – can actively facilitate the change we say we want.

We can no longer be passive citizens – global children waiting for someone else to fix it.

I am. You are. We are mighty.

We can – and we must – and we will become the architects of hope the world so desperately needs.

We will conceive it.

We will give it life.

We will nurture it – and set it free.

It is the gateway to our hero’s journey.

Step into it.