A Plague By Any Other Name. Gathering Strength for the Journey Ahead.

My dear friends… 

I am in Provincetown, Massachusetts – which has been a place of refuge for me for as long as I can remember. My safe place – emotionally – if not physically. A place I have always used to – gather myself – for what lies ahead… a place to find protection and strength and community when storm clouds gather.

The storm clouds have gathered… 

And now the storm is here… 

A plague. 

Another plague.

Many of us have been here before… a situation both surreal in its scope – but painfully, achingly, familiar at the same time. 

A virus that doesn’t care what country you come from, or your political affiliation… your economic status, your gender identity or sexual orientation – or the story you have about yourself. A virus that doesn’t care about any of the things we use to define ourselves – or distance ourselves – or elevate ourselves in relation to other people. 

A virus, this virus, simply needs our “humanness” – our “humanity” – to survive.

And – ironically – so do we… 

Now, again, more than ever…

And we will find it – our humanity. We will find it and we will share it – and we will claim it – as we have done through every storm we have ever faced.

Holocausts and cataclysms… treasons and betrayals… famines and droughts…

And wars…

And plagues.


You have been here before.

And you are still here. 

We are still here.

Remember that.

I share this to illuminate the task ahead – and to (re)mind you – and myself really – to remember our humanity – and the humanity of your neighbors. 

And, we find – as we always do in times like these – it turns out that everyone is your neighbor. 


Is your neighbor.

Stay vigilant.  
Stay connected – even when the impulse is to withdraw. 

Because we need you. 

Even if you don’t think we do. 

We need you. 

Specifically you. 

We need you for the courage you’ve shown to get this far. 

We need you for the strength and resolve you found in the past – to overcome all the fear and heartbreak – the adversity and trauma – and wars – and disease – and yes – plagues.

We need that.

Find it again. 

Within yourself. With me. With us.

Find it. 

You are not alone. 

Remain tender towards yourself and other people. 

Reach out if you need to.

I will be in touch. I hope you will be in touch, with me, with each other – and profoundly – and gently – with yourself – as well.