The Way Home

How long, I wonder, will we stay in exile to ourselves? 

To who we yearn to be? 

To who we truly are – at core – all of us? 

To a person, in my work and in my life, every race, every culture, every gender expression – gay, straight and undeclared – the wealthy – the materially poor – those with power – those with seemingly none – everyone I have encountered – we all thirst for the same love and to be loved, to be included – to be seen – unadorned – unmasked – broken – with all our mistakes revealed – and treasured anyway. And to treasure others – and give them the gift of knowing they are treasured. 

Every single person in my life, personally and professionally, has expressed this same desire – no matter how clumsy, or grasping or needy – or wrongheaded or self-sabotaging they may be (or you might think they are – or they might think you are). 

This does not mean we know how to get the things we collectively yearn for so desperately – and having this awareness does not exempt us from being accountable for our own bad behavior. 

But – it does give us – common ground. 

In a fractured world, it gives us a place to start. 

Everyone wants the same thing. 

It moves me profoundly – and gives me hope. 

And I can rest here a moment. While the battle rages on – within and without.

Not hating you, or “them” or myself.

Just for a moment. 

I can rest here… before I take my next step – and I can know that we both want – we all want – for ourselves – the same things.

And if we acknowledge this hunger, this drive to meaning for ourselves – and our individual lives – how can we deny its fulfillment for another? Look around – really look – at the people in your world – and THE world – all waiting – in their mistakes -and in their shame – in their anger and in their grievances waiting – for connection… all waiting to be seen. 

How lucky I am to be able to see this side of humanity in my work and in my life. I wish everyone could get to experience what I do.

And thank you Jack Kornfield for reminding me to ask daily – “Am I Loving Well” (and with a smile I can say – not always – but sometimes – and hopefully more and more).