8—Brand Consulting

Ironically, with more communication platforms available than ever before, people are yearning for authentic connection, to feel part of a community.  If your brand is “you”, how are you effectively connecting with your audience?  

When you communicate, who are you telling people you are?

What about you? What unique parts of you are you utilizing so that people feel seen by you?  What parts of you are you truthfully, but strategically, sharing so that your target audience feels connected to you?   

Through media consulting we identify your unique “voice.”  What is it about your message or product that can only be conveyed by you – in only the way you can?   And once we identify your voice – which lies at the heart of your humanity – how can we then use it as a tool for human connection?

This rewarding work explores who you are, what you want to say and how best to say it so that people hear you – and connect to you and to each other – through your vision.