1—Individual Psychotherapy

One of the most powerful lessons I have learned in my life – and in my work – is that all people everywhere desire the same things:

To feel truly loved and seen and appreciated;

To truly love and see and appreciate others;

And to feel a part of the human experience… to feel as if you matter… to feel as if your existence – matters.

And while those may seem like simple things, achieving them is not always so simple.

You were born to be authentically you. You came into this world with the potential to be the very best version of yourself you can be… to contribute the gifts that only you have to give – in only the ways you can give them.  It is your birthright.

And then life happens – and we get diverted from that path. 

How have you been diverted?  What is getting in the way of your ability to be fully present in your own life?  Loneliness?   Shame?  Trauma?  Rejection?  Self-sabotage?  Health issues? 

I like to think of individual therapy as an opportunity to remove the roadblocks to our happiness.  To remove the obstacles that have obscured our original path – including those obstacles we placed there ourselves.  It can be, if we are courageous enough, the most meaningful work of our lives – understanding our humanity… understanding the stories of our past – and how we have allowed them to shape our present – and then becoming actionable in writing the future we say we want.

Individual therapy with me is highly interactive, using a multitude of treatment modalities including cognitive/behavioral therapy, narrative therapy, Buddhist psychology, positive psychology, attachment, mindfulness, and creative arts.