The ‘Kindness Habit’ Challenge

“Hatred cannot be controlled once it is set in motion.” Howard Thurman. Jesus and the Disinherited.

We have weathered dark days… and sit now with bruised hearts… and weary souls. As we prepare for what comes next – let us recall and reclaim our most powerful selves. Try this ‘Kindness Habit’ Challenge for 30 days… let me know how you feel.

Do one kind thing today.

Think a kind thought about someone.

With intention.

Do it actively.
Say it out loud.

Even if it’s for yourself.
Or an animal companion who loves you.
Your family.
A friend.
A place.
A home.

Whoever just came into your mind right now.

We need to offset the very real ugliness that is repeated and amplified and spreads like a virus – toxic clouds of anger darkening the sky until it seems that darkness becomes the sky.

Injustice is real.
Cruelty is real.

But – kindness is real too.

Let the darkness go for a minute – we can always come back to it.

It will always be there.

Today – do one kind thing.

Think one kind thought.

Just one.