Shadows and Light in Charlottesville

It has become increasingly clear to me, particularly with the tragic events in Charlottesville, that what we are witnessing in this country is the emergence of a shadow self, a Shadow America, existing in direct opposition to the principals upon which the United States was founded.  A Shadow America conceived in a petri dish of hate – and nurtured by the politics of division, racism, misogyny, homophobia and bigotry.

And as frightening and disheartening as it may be to watch the growth of this cancer on the American soul… as horrifying as it is to acknowledge what we see before us – in seeing the worst of human nature – in seeing who we do not want to be – who we must not be… We are reminded – in the faces of those who stood up against this hatred – of who we are capable of being – of who we can – and who we must be.

Shadows can only grow when there is a barrier to light.  Each of us has an opportunity, through a fearless moral inventory, to ferret out those barriers – not only politically and nationally and globally – but personally… To find the shadows of hatred and bigotry that exist inside of us – to name them – and purge them in the light of our better natures.

It is not enough to denounce the evil ideologies espoused by the terrorists in Charlottesville.

It is not enough to throw up our hands and resign ourselves to a humanity that has lost its way.

It is not enough to mourn an America that seems to have forgotten the democratic principals and promise that created it.

Use this tragedy to reaffirm who you want to be in your life.

Use this tragedy to take action, to use your voice, to reclaim your country.

Use this atrocity, to insist on a light of equality and kindness that is so piercing and so bright – no shadow can exist.

I am. You are. We are. Mighty.