Phenomenal Women – International Women’s Day

I took some time this morning to – reflect – on the women I have known in my life – professionally as clients – women in history and society and culture – my female friends – and the remarkable women in my family.

I was thinking today about the women who have inspired me.

If you’re reading this and you’re a woman – I was probably thinking about you.

Yes, you.

I was thinking about the obstacles you have faced – emotional, physical, social.

I was thinking about the breathtaking ways you were able to rise above those challenges.

And I was thinking about the heartbreak when you could not.

I was thinking about the women who have, whether they know it or not, made me the man I am today.

I was thinking this morning about all the women out there who are struggling for their chance to be all they might be.

Or just to simply – be. In peace and freedom.

I was thinking about – circumstances and opportunity.

And potential.

And hope.

So, in honor of women everywhere – in honor of the women I hold in my heart – in gratitude – I sponsored a woman to participate in a skills training program for a year through Women for Women International. It’s a remarkable organization offering marginalized and struggling women what they need most – adequate tools – and the fair opportunity to use them.

To the women who – created me – and continue to do so – this is for you.